Alberta Home Inspectors

AlbertaACHI – Alberta Association of Certified Home Inspectors …Dedicated to the improvement of the home inspection industry through knowledge and certification.

AlbertaACHI has been the voice of InterNACHI members in Alberta since 2007 when we were incorporated as a not for profit Society. Our official name is The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Canada but we have been known as AlbertaACHI since our inception.

Originally we were started as a way for Alberta Home Inspectors to meet to receive education pertaining to the inspection of buildings in Alberta and also exchange the odd war story. Since licensing of home inspectors in Alberta, we have taken on more and more responsibilities in the area of testing and ensuring home inspectors are prepared and able to fulfill their responsibilities to their clients. We have taken on the roles of proctors and testers as well as trying to help our inspectors in their ongoing educational requirements. We are striving to help home inspectors become more knowledgeable and professional. We try to keep our inspectors up to date on governmental issues as well as new building practices. We have in the past and will continue to keep up to date on changes in the industry across our province, country and North America to ensure our members are always the best choice to perform the very best home/building inspection available.

We have introduced a new professional designation for home inspectors to achieve. The CCHI (Certified Canadian Home Inspector) designation will become the premier designation of home inspectors in Alberta. By using this designation, CCHI certified home inspectors will be telling their clients that they have passed the required education and training and proven they are able to perform home inspections to the highest standards in Alberta.

We plan on continuing to give Alberta home inspectors opportunities to grow both their businesses and their abilities in this exciting and quickly evolving field.

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